Leadership Development

The loyalty and trust of other people generate the cooperation necessary for achieving your dreams and goals.
John Scully

The fabric of a company is made up of its people, its ideas and the focus of its teams to carry plans to completion. Whether yours is a global corporation or a more moderately sized company, it is important to recognize that every organization -- just as every individual -- has its own leadership DNA. Together these elements work to create or hinder the company's overall success.

What does it take to build a brighter future for your company? It takes continuous development of individuals and teams, it takes the thrill of innovation, the discipline of persistence, and solid rewards that go with solving problems. It also takes a business culture that has strong values and principles. Did I mention focus? It takes a lot of focus.

For many companies, we see a disconnect between what they say they want and what they are actually doing. You would be surprised at the number of leaders who tell us how their organization unwittingly provides them unlimited distractions. Topping the list would be implementing a variety of short-term solutions without going through the process of due diligence. Next would be the lack of effective listening skills by senior managers to gather appropriate information. Then there are poorly managed or an excessive number of meetings. Add to this the deluge of correspondence, coupled with modern technology, all of which has created a sense of unrealistic urgency in everything they do. Plus there are outdated procedures, unproductive reporting systems, communication issues and cumbersome performance review processes. These are just a few.

Isn't it time to get down to business and leverage the priorities that will have the greatest impact on the success of your organization? There is never a lack of jobs that could be done, however, it is strong leaders who determine what is important and then setting a clear direction.

Where Are The Gaps?

Is it leadership? Management competence? Individual skill development? Or, accepting responsibility and accountability? These are words that progressive organizations don’t just mouth – they take development seriously. They know allocating time and resources towards the development of both individual leaders and honing the skills of various team members is critically important for present and future success.

For any organization it is important to build a foundation to more forward.

Each leader will want to understand their own strengths and limitations, along with those they work with. They will also want to know something about personality and leadership styles to help them align their role and the role of others. In addition, it will be helpful understand stress behaviors which can easily turn an overused strength into a weakness.

  • If someone is conscientious there is a strong likelihood that under stress they will become somewhat of a perfectionist. Weakness: overly detailed delaying decisions that will move a project forward.
  • If a person can readily influence others then under stress it is likely they will become more assertive in their views. Weakness: inability to listen and taken in another’s point of view.

Surprisingly, these same talents which get people advancement, may be the same ones that can cause their derailment later on, particularly if they have limited insight into how their behavior impacts others. A learning environment encourages leaders to embrace their strengths and seek out strategies to play down their weaknesses as a way to demonstrate their commitment. Situational leadership is key.

Another significant aspect of leadership will be the ability to understand how others perceive you. Since perception is reality, each day you are building your brand – the good, the bad and the ugly! – whether you realize it or not. As part of the coaching process you will consciously be working toward continuous improvement.

Leadership begins when there is a curiosity to explore how your skills and ability can be enhanced. Even the most effective and acclaimed leaders go through periods of frustration and failure.

These period can be triggered by both professional and personal events: coping with a bad boss, going through a divorce, taking over a demanding new assignment, transitioning to a new position, the pressures of excessive travel, managing virtual teams plus many others.

These triggers often propel us to take action and are a great time to consider what is important and how it is that you’d like to enhance your leadership capabilities.

We offer several options to support the essentials of leadership development. All of these programs provide significant payoffs in terms of aligning organizational objectives with individual performance. Your people will be empowered with the tools and the inspiration to achieve greatly improved business results.

Becoming a leader is a lot like investing in the stock market. If you hope to make a fortune in one day, you're not going to be successful. What matters most is what you do day to day over the long haul.
John Maxwell

Our Leadership Developmental Programs are custom-designed for impact and our Training Initiatives promise results. We have helped thousands of people, in scores of diverse organizations, learn and apply both timeless leadership principles and exciting new cutting-edge practices.

To empower others is ultimately to empower ourselves.
Mary Elizabeth Schlayer

Make no mistake; becoming an effective leader is a journey, not a sprint. It takes a commitment on the part of the emerging leader and on the part of the company. This is why today's progressive leaders, along with their teams, are using our Seminars that combine Executive Coaching as a powerful way to develop and educate their leaders.

Leadership Development takes place at three key levels that will engage leaders on the journey from good to great.

1. The Organizational Level

Our facilitators will work with your senior management team examine important issues and move your people into action and away from the limitations of parochial thinking. We will help broaden your vision, explore options and give you and your senior executives the straight, hard facts on what you need to do as an organization to maximize your potential and move your organization from good to great. The outcome will be an Action Plan that will align the group, get a commitment to change, followed by monitoring of results.

2. The Team or Group Level

Our Enhanced Seminars are tailor-made to meet your organizational objectives. We will give you and your staff invaluable lessons about themselves, their needs, their motivations and how they can work at a higher level of productivity by working with and through others. We offer a variety of assessments to choose from. The goal is for each individual to come away with a new perspective and enthusiasm both for the organization and their own potential.

Our expertise is in linking training and executive coaching where each individual begins to immediately integrate and model what they have learned in our workshops and ultimately exhibit a more flexible management style.

3. The Personal Level

We also provide Executive Coaching customized for an individual as part of their personal developmental plan. This coaching can be done at any level within the organization – from front-line staff to the most senior executive.

Our methods are unique and highly successful. Remarkably, after years have passed, participants can easily point to the specifics they learned and continue to apply. Unlike other training that is done randomly or in isolation, our material doesn't dissipate after a couple of weeks! Participants gain insight into their strengths, weaknesses and their behavioral traits. They quickly recognize how these traits are either enhancing or hindering their credibility, performance and overall career.

Making a Difference

My life shall touch a dozen lives
Before this day is done.
It will leave countless marks for good or ill,
Before the setting of the sun.

This, the wish I always wish,
The prayer I always pray:
May my life enhance other lives,
It touches day by day.

(adapted) Author Unknown

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