In recent years, both organizations and individuals have taken a keen interest in knowing more about how they operate. Research has shown that this knowledge directly affects the bottom line.

Whatever your age, your upbringing, or your education, what you are made of is mostly unused potential.
George Leonard

Of particular interest for companies is identifying a person’s uniqueness. Understanding people's strengths, styles, desires, and how they approach work gives both the individual and the organization the power touse their talent most effectively. At 20/20, we are committed to helping you define what works and where improvement can lead to increased job satisfaction, productivity and profits.

Recent studies have proven that social and emotional competencies are more important than intelligence in determining an individual’s success, personally and professionally. Assessments are a way of understanding how your unique style benefits or hinders you. Our coaches are trained and certified to use a wide variety of assessments, tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

The purpose of assessments is:

Understanding Self

Through the use of assessments you will begin to develop a better understanding of yourself and come to appreciate how others see you. This insight gives you the ability to recognize both your strengths and weaknesses and to appreciate your potential areas of development.

Understanding Others

Using the knowledge gained through assessments, a good coach will encourage and support you as you develop new interpersonal strategies. These strategies will enable you to recognize others' behavioral styles and be able to adapt so that you can connect more powerfully with others.

Understanding the Organization

Assessments also help management understand the culture of their organization. Companies today are looking to increase their leadership effectiveness, forge stronger relationships, better manage, communicate more effectively, or improve their planning and implementation skills. Often, they are interested in how they make decisions, how they manage change, or perhaps in looking at how individuals function within a team, and handle ambiguity or stress. The range of learning opportunities is immense.

People are motivated to change when they freely choose to do so.
Mike Jay, Founder, B-Coach Systems

Unfortunately, there are many people who have a skewed perception of others because they are focusing on their limitations rather than on developing their strengths. A new perspective will help people reach excellence through the cultivation of their unique talents.

By using assessments with individual clients, we help them identify what is important and to use their skills to foster personal development. Coaching identifies the inevitable blind spots and helps them fashion new skills and capacities for effective relationships. It also paves the way to make the right decisions, to create higher levels of personal and organizational effectiveness. This is done through purposeful dialogue, inquiry and positive interactions that create awareness, purpose, competence and well-being among participants.

Clearly, coaching is a driver in supporting the individual's decision to participate in a developmental process. Coaching is not a feel-good experience where the tough issues are left undiscovered and undervalued. Coaching is the opportunity to bring tough issues to the surface during positive interactions. To achieve this, the coach requires mastery in coaching methodologies.

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