Coaching for Women Executives

Same workplace, different realities!

When it comes to business, most executive women suspect that they are at a distinct disadvantage and unfortunately the statistics bear them out. Although women are on the playing field in unprecedented numbers they still find it difficult to be promoted at the same rate as men. Today only a small percentage of women hold high-ranking positions.

Our Personal Executive Coaches recognize that the glass ceiling will continue to be firmly in place until professional women are given the straight talk about the invisible Rules of Success.

There is an old saying: "Star players don't become star players on the field, they are merely recognized there." That is true. If you want to see where someone develops a desire to succeed you need to observe their daily preparations. Even if you have natural talent and leadership ability, there is a need to prepare and train. Becoming successful in the corporate world takes special dedication and commitment. Let us be part of your training experience.

You don't have to act like a man to succeed in business for you will always be judged as a woman. But you can't get ahead unless you understand the male business culture and know how to use it to your advantage.
Pat Heim

The truth is that men and women often approach a broad range of career issues differently. Whether it is conveying competence, facing competition, being heard, understanding corporate politics, participating on a team, building alliances or leading others, many executive women unwittingly make mistakes that undermine their credibility.

In as little as 12 sessions we can help you prepare to break the glass ceiling.

You will soon begin to see the organization through a different lens and this will help you to supercharge your career. We also offer corporate workshops specifically tailored to meet the needs of emerging female executives.

This workshop was the best I've ever taken and I wish I had taken it 20 years ago! What a difference it would have made!
Elizabeth Brinkley

The culture at most companies has been shaped over time by male executives, and a natural outcome is that business has the tendency to be conducted like a team sport. Today more and more women are playing competitive sports but it is only recently that they are recognizing the need to adapt some of these same skills to the workplace. Whether you are a follower who is just beginning to discover the impact of leadership or you already have followers, learning more about your self and your style will help you achieve your goals and add value to other people.

The game can be allusive. It can be about power, money, control and status. Sometimes it is more subtle than that. Consider the imagery: "Take the ball and run with it." "Don't strike out on this one." "It is time to play hardball." Terms like these continue to be heard in the hallways of our organizations. This men-at-work/men-at-play mentality serves a number of purposes and women who lack a suitable tutor have a tendency to not only misjudge the players but are also unaware of the rules they are expected to follow. You can't get it right if you are forced to guess, improvise or bluff your way along.

At 20/20 Executive Coaching we have exceptional coaches who are dedicated to help Executive Women improve their performance, increase their impact on the organization and find success on their own terms. This is a unique type of coaching, mentoring and leadership development.

What you learn will depend on your position, your needs, your personality, your learning style and your work. The skills that are necessary to function well as a mid-level manager are not the same ones required to be a successful executive. Our individualized approach gives women a clearer focus. They begin to see through the clutter and act more clearly and with greater purpose. As a result, they become tuned into the needs of those around them, the needs of the organization and their own personal needs.

If being recognized by the organization for your abilities is important to you, then it is in your best interest to understand what is going on and develop strategies that will allow you to make a difference.

A Female Executive Coach/Mentor will help you:

  • Integrate personal and professional goals
  • Understand the basic rules of success
  • Identify the core competencies for your position (skills and behaviors)
  • Recognize the position you are playing on the team
  • Be acknowledged as a team player and effective leader
  • Key into gender-based behavior
  • Identify key relationships both inside and outside the organization
  • Employ new power moves
  • Learn to speak so others will listen
  • Be assertive without being obnoxious
  • Use your female attributes to your advantage
  • Embrace your power
  • Engage in self-promotion
  • Learn to watch yourself in action
  • Take losses in stride
  • Identify common traps
  • Learn how to ask for what you want

Someone once said that it doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the game that matters. As coaches, we help executives understand their game and their organization. By tailoring our approach to each individual executive, we can help them see, hear and think in ways that were not previously possible. Now they are able to do things they were never able to do before. It's called strategic executive development.



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