Personal Growth (Life Coaching)

Success in life is more than what we do for a living. It encompasses what we value, what we have overcome and the relationships we have nurtured. It is about discovering our life's purpose and then dedicating ourselves to achieving it.

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
Sir Winston Churchill

Not long ago, a researcher asked over two thousand respondents, "What do you want most out of life?" The answer was almost unanimous: happiness. They wanted happiness for themselves, for their children and loved ones. Basically, they wanted to be relieved of worry, anxiety, stress, anger, conflict, poor relationships, feeling overwhelmed or ashamed - all the things that rob us of what we call happiness.

During the last 30 or 40 years we have seen an upward spiral in the accumulation of possessions, more people are becoming better educated, there have been marvelous medical advances, our life expectancy has increased, but our search for happiness continues in much the same way it always has.

Remember, the sad thing is that if you win the rat race, you are still a rat.

Our highly trained coaches provide a powerfully rich learning environment in which you will learn how to enhance your life and find true happiness. We partner with you help you improve and succeed in a way you've always known is possible. Personal Coaching will focus your attention on your passions and help you transform them into achievable goals. You will become proactive instead of reactive. Coaching is designed to help you create a vision for your future, and support you in making the type of changes in your life that you believe are necessary to get you into mental, physical and spiritual balance.

Our problem is not to find better values, but to be faithful to those we profess.
J.W. Gardner

Often business people feel isolated and do not want to share their inner-most concerns for fear of being viewed as weak, unprepared or unskilled. In the past, individuals looked to self-help, but self-help today is being compared to old technology. Most acknowledge that coaching is much more effective, faster and more convenient in helping resolve personal issues so they can move forward in their lives. Coaching supports the individual in making lasting changes.

Personal Coaches have one goal. That goal is to help individuals develop as a person. Our systematic approach offers an exceptional return-on-investment by encouraging self-discovery and exciting new ways of viewing the world. We help you while you develop the skills you need to handle your specific situation. You will be supported through change and come to understand why inside-out work is necessary to your regain enthusiasm and increase your sense of control. Ultimately you will achieve both balance and fulfillment.

A Personal Growth Coach will help you:

  • Clarify your situation and focus on what is important to you
  • Analyze, prioritize and establish personal goals
  • Establish a vision and set an action plan in motion
  • Learn valuable information about your personality
  • Understand how you handle stress and make important decisions
  • Assess your strengths and acknowledge your limitations
  • Learn new behaviors
  • Build strong relationships
  • Develop your listening and communication skills
  • Examine spiritual concerns, meditation and prayer
  • Achieve personal fulfillment and satisfaction
Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the strong, and tolerant with the weak and the wrong. For sometime in your life you will be all of these.
Lloyd Shearer

Those who benefit the most from coaching are those who are able to share their confidential issues and are willing to work in concert with their coach to develop satisfactory solutions.

With 20/20 you have a partner who comes to know you at a deep level and understands and supports your goals. In a non-judgmental way, we then help guide you to a new level of effectiveness. You may be asked to undertake a variety of assessments or read a particular book or article. But you will always know that we will talk about the things that concern you most and confidentially help you to build your plans on how to proceed. You are always in control. Contact us today.



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