Executive Leadership Questionnaire

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Others would say that I have learned to handle myself in meetings so that others value my input and peers do not take my ideas as their own, interrupt or talk down to me.
Others would recognize that I have taken the time to reflect and develop my own personal managerial style - one that my counterparts and I are comfortable with.
Others would agree that I am routinely asked by senior management to spearhead projects that are significant to the long-term viability of the company.
Others see me as one who is not shy about taking credit for a job well done.
I have explored my Signature Talents and they are aligned with my position and career goals.
Others recognize that I am familiar with the Invisible Rules of Success and know how to keep score.
I consciously manage my default behavior.
Others would rate me as confident - someone with an effective communication style.
I have taken the time to create a Personal Branding Statement.
Others take notice that I am appropriately competitive and enthusiastically embrace change or new challenges.
My superiors appreciate that I avoid becoming upset when given constructive feedback.
My peers know that I can handle being challenged in a group setting and can readily defend my ideas.
I have practiced being a good listener and am known to appreciate the opinions of others even when they differ from my own.
I have good problem-solving skills, knowing when it is important to "take charge" (male attribute) and when it is important to "take care" (female attribute).
I routinely read managerial/leadership material that helps improve my performance.
I know what our organization expects of its leaders.
Others would say that I am strategic and adept at handing corporate politics.
I actively manage my career and spend between 10 to 15 percent of my time doing so.
Others see me as someone who is a good negotiator.
I am given company information in confidence and am viewed as someone to be trusted.
My values are in alignment with those of the organization.
I enjoy a reasonably good work/life balance, one that my family appreciates.
Others recognize that I plan ahead, know how to run a good meeting and can resolve conflict when it surfaces.
I have identified my personal and professional goals.
Over the past two years I have significantly broadened my network, am well known and liked in a number of circles.