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The Game of Business

For some it will not come as a shock to you when I say that when occupying the Executive Suite women are not expected to act like their male counterparts. However, it is surprising to me just how many women continue to have that notion. If they do they are immediately labeled obnoxious, overbearing or worse! On the other hand, if the Executive Woman exhibits her nurturing or accommodating side too often, she will quickly be accused of being indecisive and someone who isn’t leadership material. It is a fine-line to walk.

A Secret

Executive Women need to gain a better understanding of the male business culture in order to work effectively within it. Women currently make up 47 percent of the workforce; however, they only make up 12 percent of the upper executive ranks. Today many women continue to resist the notion that competition is alive and well. They do not understand that it is part of the game. They become bewildered and frustrated when sensing they are out of the loop, particularly when don’t have all the information they need to function effectively. So often what is expected goes unsaid. Women who lack a suitable tutor risk finding themselves on the sidelines. The secret lies in embracing the idea that business is conducted as a team sport. Until you do you will never get into the inner circle or receive the recognition you deserve.

The Rules

The world of business still operates by rules that men are comfortable with. In order to function effectively in this environment you must understand what is going on. Learning how to maneuver without losing the essence of who you are is the goal.

Step 1

Consider taking an outsider’s perspective on your behavior. Determine how others perceive you. Are you recognized and acknowledged as part of the team? Are you someone who plays by the rules, follows the direction of the team captain, who by the way, is your boss. Have you even considered who your teammates are or what position you are expected to play as part of a team?

Step 2

Take at least a couple of assessments in order to give you some insight into both your strengths and weaknesses. You want to be able to build upon your strengths and strategically work around your limitations. This is a reminder of just how badly your career can be hurt if you don’t gain some in-depth knowledge of yourself and the rules you are expected to play by.

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Barb McEwen is a well known Certified Personal Executive Coach and Mentor. She is dedicated to helping Executive Women improve their performance and increase their impact within their organization. Her coaching depends on your needs, your personality, your learning style and the work environment of which you are a part. The skills that are necessary to function well as a mid-level manager are not the same ones required to be a successful executive. Her approach gives a clearer focus and helps individuals see the corporate world through a different lens. As a result, they become tuned into the needs of those around them, the needs of the organization and their own personal needs.