Coaching Fees

Professional executive coaches are increasingly being used by organizations with astounding success. One need only hear leaders such as Jack Welch to get a sense of the power and significance executive coaches are having on industry. Recently it was reported that 80% of the Fortune 500 companies provide coaching services to multiple levels of their management teams. These companies report increased sales, increased profits, growth in market share and increased executive satisfaction when executive coaches are used.

Our Approach

Our coaches bring many years of leadership, management and training experience to our valued clientele and each have been thoroughly screened and trained to bring you an exceptional ROI.

Our leadership and management process helps emphasize the unique potential of the individual and provides a structure and process for their development. Each client will gain insight so they can see how their own preconditioning, perceptions, beliefs and assumptions can get in the way of understanding the people they lead or work with. It promotes personal discovery and new approaches for solving problems. To facilitate this understanding, a significant part of the coach's work is to help introduce feedback, action planning, active learning and follow-up into regular work life. It is about moving individuals into behaviors that sustain both their careers and the business. To do this, we have created a number of options to fit every budget.

Corporate Coaching for Senior or C-Suite Executives

This type of coaching is usually tied to the company's strategic initiatives, succession planning and/or retention strategies. The coach will meet with both corporate representatives and each individual being coached to determine the desired outcomes, set out the scope of work, and put performance metrics in place.


  • Two in-person meetings, including setting out the scope of work and the final review
  • Interim reporting framework
  • In-person meeting with the persons being coached
  • Face-to-face interviews with a minimum of six colleagues and/or direct reports
  • Job shadowing for a full day
  • Establishing specific and measurable goals
  • Creating a Personal Development Plan
  • Everything Leadership DiSC Assessment and Debrief
  • Coaching sessions twice monthly for a minimum of one year
  • Access to Client's Only link
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Optional: Establishment of an internal sponsorship/mentoring program

Cost: 10% of the individual's salary (or a minimum of $25,000) + travel expenses

Executive Coaching

This type of coaching can be viewed as a bonus and a sign of significant recognition. In other cases it can be remedial. It primarily focuses on enhancing performance and developing leadership or team-building skills. The coach works in conjunction through Human Resources or another senior executive. Meetings are usually held by telephone.


  • Telephone meetings with corporate representative(s) to establish the desired outcome and reporting requirements
  • An initial telephone coaching session with the client to set the framework for the coaching relationship
  • Establishing specific and measurable goals
  • Creating a Personal Development Plan
  • Everything Management DiSC and Debrief
  • Minimum of eighteen one-hour personal Coaching Sessions
  • Access to Client's Only link on our website
  • Unlimited e-mail support

Optional, for an additional fee

  • Job shadowing
  • Telephone interviews with a minimum of six colleagues/direct reports

Cost: 2 Coaching Sessions per month at $895+ monthly (depending upon the coach selected), payable in three installments.

Personal Executive Coaching

This type of coaching is initiated by the individual and paid for personally. Motivations may vary but often they revolve around personal skill development, achieving balance, handling stress, managing people, overcoming conflict, understanding corporate politics or career transition.


  • Goal setting
  • Everything Workplace DiSC and Debrief available for an additional charge
  • Leadership Development Questionnaire with personalized feedback
  • Twelve one-hour coaching sessions taken over a six to nine month period
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Access to Client's Only link on our website
  • Unlimited e-mail support

Cost: $350+ per session (depending upon the coach selected). Payable six sessions in advance.

Coaching Executive Women

In the corporate world men and women often approach a broad range of business issues differently for very good reasons. Unfortunately women often feel at disadvantage because they have not yet learned the 'invisible rules of success'. Let us help you understand what is going on and how you can flourish in this environment.


  • Goal setting
  • Everything Workplace DiSC Assessment and Debrief available for an additional charge
  • Executive Women's Questionnaire with personalized feedback
  • One Coaching/Mentoring session per month, minimum 18 months
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Access to Client's Only link
  • Unlimited e-mail support

Cost: $325.00+ per session (depending upon the coach selected). Minimum of 18 sessions. Payable in three installments.

Group Coaching

A Women’s Only - Group Coaching Club is being offered at specific times throughout the year. The intent is to give aspiring women an inexpensive opportunity to learn from other professional women throughout the coaching experience. For details go to:

Leadership/Management Workshops

We offer a wide variety of Leadership Development and Management workshops specifically designed to meet your needs.

Cost: $6,000+ US per day includes one facilitator and all course material. Plus: Travel and expenses

Custom-Designed Workshop and Facilitation

Success Strategies for Leaders at All Levels.
Effective leaders know they need to invest in developing high quality talent for their organizations to succeed.

Our approach for all custom-designed workshops begins by assessing the unique needs of your organization. Each workshop participant takes an assessment to assist us in understanding your team and the group’s culture. We also customize questions for one-on-one interviews with your team to identify leadership strengths and developmental opportunities. We then create and deliver a workshop that meets your organization’s unique needs. After, we ensure that your team has the opportunity to participate in executive coaching to assist them in integrating their new learning. Our distinctive approach ensures your investment has both a ripple-down effect and a positive ROI.

Workshops include:

Our expert facilitators provide a variety of unique tools, techniques, and handouts that super charge the interactive learning process. We also provide you with a written Summary of the event, along with a Next Steps Action Plan that identifies individual commitments, all of which connects participants’ success to organizational success. In addition, all participants create a Personal Development Plan that enhances their executive coaching experience.

Our experienced and talented coaches deliver! We are committed to helping leaders at all levels excel by giving them the tools and insight needed to produce results. We help both you and your organization achieve results. Referenes are available upon request.

Whether you are considering making a commitment to executive coaching, or your recognize the need for leadership development within your organization, or you appreciate the value of team building, let us help you create an exceptional interactive learning experience. Simply drop us an email or give us a call so we can set up a mutually convenient time to get together.

Call us today at 1. 866. 822. 3122 or contact us via our website.

* *Note: Our training is designed specifically for individual organizations. We do not offer training that is open to the general public.

Create Your Own Program

We encourage you to create your own unique program. A wide variety of assessment tools are available that make team-building and leadership workshops fun and insightful.