What Guides Our Work

Our Purpose

  • To support individuals and organization in their quest to achieve greater effectiveness.
  • To participate in the international coaching community as educators, models of authenticity, and integrity.
  • To be a catalyst for positive change.

Our Mission

To assist in developing individuals and transforming organizations by encouraging and challenging people to reach their highest potential, lead inspired lives and embrace opportunities to make a positive difference.

Our Vision

To see more companies and individuals avail themselves of the services of professional coaches in order to facilitate positive change.

Our Values

  • Respect All Individuals
  • Judge No One
  • Honor Confidentiality
  • Provide More Than Expected
  • Create Capability
  • Values Honesty and Transparency
  • Punctuality and Timeliness
  • Personal Flexibility

Our Guiding Principles

Take time to understand your real priorities and tradeoffs in order not to waste your most valuable currency -- time.

Each of us must be clear on our values because they reveal who we are and our values are directly related to the quality and depth of self-worth.

Living with vitality is the bottom line. It comes from integrity, which comes from one simple act: keeping promises you make to yourself.

Living and working from a clear sense of purpose creates enduring meaning and satisfaction.

Executive Development
Individual development always encourages capability and focuses on the skills necessary to succeed in a given environment. It encourages personal insight, a flexible management style and a positive attitude that acknowledges the need for continuous learning.

Organizational Transformation
Transforming an organization begins with establishing the values and principles of operation, then integrating personal development with the organization's vision. At the same time, it is important to be brutally honest about the challenges ahead. It is always results-oriented.

To be fulfilled with your work, it is crucial to be connected with your talent and interests.

Living from a clear sense of purpose requires acknowledging and honoring a power great than one's self.

The key is doing things consistently. Life energy is built or destroyed by many individual actions that become your pattern.

Recognize the importance of skill development. Building upon your skills broadens opportunities.

Establish support systems that will carry you through the inevitable transitions of life and work.

Good leaders inspire others, have flexible management styles and the ability to choose how they will respond.

Successful people consistently apply certain principles in their life that allows them to achieve positive results.

It is important to decide the criteria by which you want to measure success. Money in itself is a tool and is not inherently good or bad.

Imagination, when ignited, leads to limitless possibilities. Building upon the ideas of others enhances synergy.

Is extremely useful because this information acts as a mirror to reveal certain features about ourselves that are usually invisible to us and gives us the opportunity to adjust our behavior.

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