Our Team

Mary Pat Mueller

Mary Pat Mueller, Master Business Coach, works with individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations to develop capabilities. Mary Pat acts as the catalyst that unlocks your personal and organizational capabilities.

Mary Pat believes in the inherent uniqueness and strength of individuals. This is the fundamental key to her results-oriented approach. She uses dynamic coaching interactions to leverage and deepen your awareness of yourself and others. This self-awareness forms the base for transformation.

Mary Pat knows that you and your team are the experts in your business.

A Master Business Coach, Certified Birkman Consultant, and owner of her own Professional Coaching and Leadership Consulting firm, Mary Pat has worked in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. She believes that people are the untapped resources of your organization.

Mary Pat’s interest in the complexity and subtlety of human managerial issues has led her to enthusiastically explore how coaching moves people and companies toward the vision and outcomes they seek. Throughout her career she has observed men and women within business and organizations. A key element common to every successful venture is the degree of awareness modeled within the organization. Beliefs and assumptions profoundly affect individual and organizational change and development. This personal “meaning-making” often traps the human potential found within. Mary Pat’s strategies and business experience can provide the key to opening the doors of awareness and resulting bottom line profitability and growth.


Mary Pat has more than thirty years of entrepreneurial, management and ownership experience. When not coaching, she spends her time educating other professionals and systematically applying the insights from her experience. Mary Pat knows the rewards and excitement of entrepreneurial business, as well as the challenges of everyday business life. She has risen to senior management positions, and she has taught within professional organizations and at the college level. Her professional career includes distinction as a founding member, shareholder and officer in a major public-private development. Considered a respected and trusted professional by her peers, Mary Pat is founder and owner of Mueller & Associates, with clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Mary Pat is active in numerous professional organizations, and holds leadership positions within several.

Becoming a Master Business Coach

Working as a Business Coach, Mary Pat draws from the immense resources she developed throughout her career. She believes people want to do work that is meaningful and purposeful. Coaching is about understanding ourselves and the strengths we bring to the workplace. It is about integrating our personal and professional lives.

Today’s information and knowledge revolution reveal inherent weakness associated with traditional people practices. The missing factor is our understanding of the uniqueness of people. Mary Pat targets that potential by applying appropriate behavioral inventories, assessments, leadership programs, team-building, coaching, training, and cutting-edge communication techniques, customized to satisfy your needs and agenda. Her sole objective is to provide the appropriate tools to you and your organization to open the eyes of understanding self-first, then others—unlocking the door to human potential, productivity and bottom line results.


  • Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Resource Development
  • Graduate of Master Business Coach, Strategy Focused Developmental Coaching and Performance Leadership
  • Certificate of Completion from the Family Firm International in the Family Business Advising Program for advisors to Family Businesses
  • Certified by Birkman International as a Birkman Consultant www.birkman.com
  • Qualified Mediator through the Erickson Institute, Minneapolis, Mn.
  • Trained Facilitator and Trainer
  • College Faculty Member
  • Certified and trained in the use of several assessment tools
  • Held several offices and leadership positions on numerous boards and committees throughout her career
  • Completed numerous trainings in the areas of leadership development, management, human resources, communications, facilitation, training, strategic planning, testing and assessments, process consulting, and family business consulting


Family is an important aspect of Mary Pat’s life. She is a life-long learner and avid reader who enjoys travel, biking, cooking, photography, art, and time with her grandchildren, friends and family.