Our Team

Dr. Joel Martin

Dr. Joel Martin has more than 15 years as a master trainer, business and life coach. She has worked with hundreds of thousands of individuals across the country and around the world (Malaysia, United Kingdom, Republic of South Africa, China, Taiwan, Finland and France) advancing leadership and assisting their organizations. She is an expert in coaching clients to accomplish transformational leadership, breakthrough performance and goals in vision and mission, diversity and inclusion, alignment and team building. She works with clients to get to the heart of what matters to them so that they take actions to get where they want to be … faster.

In addition to her high-powered transformational coaching, she is a highly skilled training designer, trainer and facilitator. Dr. Martin has designed and delivered training programs for aligning and educating work forces on vision, value, mission and purpose, diversity and inclusion, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills, executive communication, customer service excellence and other topics within Fortune 500, major non-profit, religious, educational and entrepreneurial organizations.

Dr. Martin has earned induction into the Wharton Society of Fellows of Wharton Business School, a PhD in Communications, Masters in Psychology and Bachelors in Education, Field of Visual Communications. She serves on the board of directors of American Baptist Homes of the West (ABHOW), as a Commissioner on the City of Scottsdale Human Relations Commission and as the Director of Education of the national PowerNetworking Conference.

A passionate advocate for women and entrepreneurs, she produces and facilitates professional and business development events for the general public including the Conversation On Leadership gatherings and her annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards dedicated to acknowledging women leaders in order to empower, educate and inspire community leaders.

Dr. Martin is the author of “How To Be A Positively Powerful Person! The Steps, The Practices & The Tools To Access Your Positive Power”, “Get The Me Brand Awareness (MBA) The Positively Powerful Way” and “Getting From Here To There” a book of poetry.