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Barb McEwen is the President and founder of 20/20 Executive Coaching Inc.


Barb McEwen is a well-known Master Executive Coach and Organizational Development Consultant who works with senior executives from around the world to help identify and assess developmental opportunities for both organizations and individuals.

Her unique, practical and powerful strategies make her easy to talk to and she has a way of demystifying what it takes to become more effective. Barb is accustomed to coaching both high-potential individuals and those requiring new skills to help them enhance their leadership competencies. Her coaching deepens the client's awareness of his or her unique strengths as a foundation for improvement. She helps them to gain personal insight and to recognize the requirements of the organization in which they work. Barb capably leads her clients through a process of setting realistic goals and then demonstrates how to achieve those goals in common sense and practical terms. Her toolbox of sensible strategies guarantees success.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand the Great Game of Business and organizational dynamics so that you can win when you are playing in someone else's ball park
  • Create a Leadership Development Plan or blueprint for your life
  • Transform personal inefficiencies
  • Control your time and eliminate interruptions
  • Convert your image from boss to leader
  • Gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses
  • Eliminate fear, worry and needless stress

Through Executive Coaching it is possible for anyone to learn these strategies, alter their attitude and perceptions and create success on their own terms.


Barb's corporate background includes founding 20/20Executive Coaching and for the past ten years she has been helping clients from all over the world. Her many years in business are distinguished by significant accomplishments in a wide range of senior positions. She has served as the Executive Director of Regional Tourism, a Senior Executive with the Ministry of Economic Development and Vice-President of a major marketing firm. She has also taught Women in Management at both the college and university level. With diverse experience in human resources, organizational behavior, international marketing, communications and strategic planning, her clients find her an excellent resource and mentor. She has managed budgets in excess of $15 million and has been responsible for upwards of 200 staff. She continues to run two successful companies and knows first-hand the excitement and challenges that business people face.

The Road to Executive Coaching

Throughout her professional life Barb has been a committed volunteer and served on numerous boards and committees. For many years she has taken a special interest in palliative care and in 1993 began pursuing her Master of Divinity degree specializing in pastoral care and spiritual direction. It was while attaining her certification as a Clinical Pastoral Counselor that she was able to explore the "Big Question" and discover her life's purpose. The Big Question for Barb is not so much about "Why are you here?" But it has more to do with, "Are you happy about what you are becoming?" Asking helps end the conflict between who we are and what we do.

This combination of self-discovery and hands-on management experience enabled her to quickly integrate spiritual principles with typical rapid-results management techniques. She enjoys assisting others in bridging the gap between their personal and professional lives and to help them not only grow but also to thrive in today's fast paced world. Seeing herself as a lifelong learner, she then began her coach training. This multi-year experience confirmed her desire to support other executives and help them make a difference where they are.

Barb has written and spoken extensively about what she has come to understand about business, about people, and about life. It is these insights that give depth and meaning to her work. Like so many people, her greatest strengths have been developed through the lessons learned while in the trenches. It is these lessons -- learned from her mistakes and failures -- which she enthusiastically shares with clients. Her goal is to help reduce your learning curve and to help build and develop capability for both individuals and organizations. She has a special interest in sharing techniques on how to break the glass ceiling and balancing home, family and career.

Her Style

Barb is someone who makes life happen. She believes the everyday choices we make have a significant impact on whether or not we will live out our dreams. She likes to inspire others to look at the way they work, live and think. As a coach, she is passionate about what she does. She is a good listener, intuitive and not afraid to ask the difficult questions. She dares others to examine their own situations and to stretch to fulfill their dreams.


  • Certified Master Coach, B\Coach Systems
  • Strategy Focused Developmental Coaching Systems
  • Certified Executive Coach, Worldwide Association of Business Coaches
  • Post-graduate studies University of Winnipeg, Master of Divinity
  • Certified Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix
  • Lakehead University, BA, Industrial Psychology

Barb has also taken numerous business seminars and specific training in areas of HR, management; communications; strategic planning; marketing; growth and development.


Barb is a competitive tennis player and an avid golfer. She is a keen bridge player, a ferocious reader and a strong proponent of personal development. She believes each of us is here for a purpose and it is our task to discover and live out that purpose. She and her husband love to travel, entertain, and enjoy time with their family.

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