Barb McEwen

I asked some clients and colleagues to give you their perception of my work, character and abilities. Here are some of their comments:

Barb McEwen, is an insightful, motivated and enthusiastic individual. She is more than just an astute business person, she is a strategic thinker, a deep listener and a very effective coach. I can attest to the fact that she has long had a special interest in supporting others to achieve their greatest potential and does so with understanding and respect. She is certainly in the right field! Karen P.

Barb's interest in mentoring executives comes from first-hand experience. She has witnessed organizations downsize and then leave many unable to successfully make the transition. She has also seen how many newly hired executives often don't make it - not for lack of skills but because they are not given the support necessary to fit into the cultural environment nor are they coached in organizational expectations. Under-performers are most often left to sort it out for themselves, costing the organization dearly as they adhere to a hire and fire mentality. By improving executive effectiveness, Barb believes coaching can have a profound effect on the bottom line, and I believe she is right! Terry W.

We are not troubled by things themselves, but by our thoughts about them.

Before I met Barb, I was one of those executive woman who believed that business was serious work and denied that anybody could possibly conceive it as a game. It wasn't until I found myself in a precarious situation wondering whether I would lose my job, that I remembered her talking about being recognized as a non-team player. After listening to my situation, she encouraged me to test out coaching for a month. That was a breakthrough for me. She helped me define my role within the organization, helped me recognize the team players I was required to support, encouraged me to consider my dress, and to speak up more. The results were amazing and I am still learning. I would be the first person to recommend that this type of instruction should be available for all women! Sharon K.

He that gives should never remember; he would receives should never forget.
The Talmud

I have known Barb for a number of years and found her to be not only an inspirational speaker but one who is thought-provoking as well. She has a unique way of blending her practical real-world acumen with leading edge thinking while sharing ways for her clients to gain more control of their career and their personal lives. Barb has a way of seeing the best in people and challenges them to live as fully as possible. She has a tremendously positive attitude and sincerely wants others to turn their dreams into reality. She also realizes, more than most, the need for business people to have mentors/coaches in order for them to overcome the obstacles they face. She was quickly able to give me a new way of viewing my situation, one I would not have seen on my own. Once I came to understand the Game of Business, my work atmosphere became so much smoother. She also encouraged me to continually improve my presentation skills and this has given me considerable recognition within the firm. She often speaks of Living a Life By Design, Rather Than By Default and puts it into practice. Joan B.

As a speaker and writer Barb is an exceptional resource -- one who has inspired many to adjust the way they live, work and think. Barb has coached for over 10 years and does so from both her head and her heart, wanting the very best for her clients. Her clients, in turn, work hard and respond enthusiastically. Jack M.

Encouragers know there is a big difference between advice and help.

Since 'time is money' her coaching is designed to help individuals Accelerate Their Success by moving toward their goals more quickly and to discover things about themselves and others in their lives. As one of her clients, I have gained a greater sense of personal understanding, have found new and meaningful work and feel more fulfilled than I have in years. George M.

Barb has been an active participant and contributor on many boards and committees throughout here career. Included have been the Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development, University alumni, a variety of Executive & Women's Associations. We need more people like her! Ruth A.

A person can succeed at anything for which there is enthusiasm.
Charles M. Schwab

Now How About You? Do you feel as though you are working harder than ever, yet not getting the credit or respect you deserve? Are things piling up in your life leaving you anxious and upset? Has stress and job pressures increased? Do you feel everyone else knows the rules to the game but you are still in the dark? Are personal issues increasing because they haven't been properly dealt with? Then Coaching may be for you. As I have said many times, there is no good reason to try and be successful on your own. Technology today offers readily available assistance. All successful people recognize the benefits of having the appropriate supports in place, and you are no exception.

My best credentials are the successes of my clients. They are from all walks of life but have a special thing in common. They are people who know they want the best from life and are willing to make a commitment to Accelerate their Success. Are you ready to take the initial step? Remember, this is your life... cost-effective support is at your fingertips!

Thanks those who have taken the time to contribute to this page. Much appreciated all!

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