Who Benefits

The most rewarding things you do in life often look like they can't be done.
Arnold Palmer

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching offers unique, practical and powerful strategies for success. Our clients come to see their organization through a different lens, to understand that each of us desires wholeness and that this cannot be achieved if our walk and our talk are out of step. To try and change outward attitudes and behaviors before examining one's personal effectiveness is backward thinking. Coaching has helped executives learn to:

  • Be in control rather than controlled
  • Increase their professional competencies
  • Improve personal effectiveness
  • Have a flexible management style
  • Deal with ongoing change as a reality of our time
  • Generate loyalty from staff
  • Acquire respect inside and outside the organization
  • Appreciate the contributions of others
  • Become solid team players
  • Enhance their communication skills
  • Separate the behavior from the person
  • Be in sync with organizational objectives
  • Clarify expectations and provide proper feedback
  • Understand the numbers game
  • Become a Coach themselves
It is lonely and exposed at the top, and you can't let your guard down, ever!
Peter Stephenson

Company Sponsored Executive Coaching

Company Sponsored Executive Coaching is offered to both high-potential executives and to those seeking to improve their leadership or management skills. The company provides a sponsor who mentors the person being coached throughout the process. This three-way development helps the executive to:

  • Identify the corporation's objectives and work towards that end
  • Gain valuable information and to make an informed analysis
  • Identify potential areas of growth and increased competency
  • Create their own Personal Development Plan
  • Gain insight into themselves and their organization
  • Continuously improve
Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.
Will Rogers

Coaching For Executive Women

Coaching For Executive Women can help women make a quantum shift in their perceptions. Once they begin to view the organization differently, they begin to think differently and consequently feel and behave differently. There is no purpose in trying to behave like a man when you will always be judged as a woman. Our clients want to learn how to use their personal skills to enhance the corporate culture. Coaching has helped corporate women learn:

  • How to define success on her own terms
  • About the Great Game of Business
  • To cope with corporate politics
  • When taking on a project is advantageous and when it is not
  • How to keep score
  • How to self-promote
  • To overcome stereotypes and potentially negative symbolism
  • How to design and plan their lives and careers
  • To speak up and be noticed
  • To become a valued team player
  • Learn to use language to their benefit
  • To own their own power
  • To create more balance
You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do.
Henry Ford

Human Resource Support for Key Personnel

Human Resource Support for Key Personnel is offered when organizations realize they do not have the time, skills, or confidential environment to be a support for their key personnel. The executives who utilize this type of Coaching recognize in themselves the need to make change or manage issues in their life. Because of time and commitment limitations, many executives cannot reach out to the support offered through regular EAP programs but would rather have support over the phone. This is where 20/20 comes in. A number of issues can create difficulties for valuable people -- illness of a family member, taking care of aging parents, divorce, stress, burnout and difficult employees, to name only a few. These individuals are often anxious to take concrete steps to regain control in their lives and ultimately achieve the satisfaction they desire. This type of coaching helps both the executive and the organization through its ripple down effect. These executives learn to:

  • Create carefully crafted strategies to give them optimal control over their lives
  • Close the gap between where they are and where they want to be
  • Get relief from stress
  • Let go of anger and resentment
  • Become more aware of their feelings
  • Take stock of their situation
  • Handle crises without losing control
  • Tame their aggressiveness
  • Assess their strengths and weaknesses
  • Overcome disappointments
  • Value relationships inside and outside the organization
  • Understand what goes with their role within the organization
  • Acknowledge self-defeating behavior
  • Examine their values and their softer side
  • Live well and with more vitality
Wisdom is knowing what to do next; skill is knowing how to do it; virtue is doing it.
David Starr Jordan

Personal Growth (Life) Coaching

Personal Growth Coaching supports individuals in finding meaning and purpose in their lives. Too many people are comfortable rationalizing their life, telling themselves "rational lies". If we continue to do the same things, is it surprising that we get the same results? Albert Einstein told us, "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them". Coaching helps us move to a new deeper level of thinking. In the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People we learn that this type of thinking is principle-centered, character-based, and is the "inside-out" approach to personal and interpersonal effectiveness. A Personal Growth Coach helps you to:

  • Develop your own personal mission statement
  • Eliminate what is not working and remove the stumbling blocks
  • Learn about your personality traits and those of others
  • Respect reality and face facts head on
  • Understand your own life in terms of passages
  • Take greater responsibility for choices
  • Assess your strengths and acknowledge your limitations
  • Achieve personal satisfaction and a sense of wholeness
  • Embrace peacefulness
  • Develop enhanced communication and listening skills
  • See that there are different ways to approach problems
  • Learn to stay grounded and true to yourself
  • Build stronger relationships or let go
In helping other succeed we insure our own success.
William Feather

Business Consulting

Business Consulting offers the owners and managers of small businesses to medium-sized companies an opportunity to get an outside perspective on how to improve their operations. Our consultants will help you by:

  • Looking at your business processes
  • Examining and managing the human needs of the company
  • Being your invisible partner with no strings attached
  • Assisting you with planning
  • Focusing on opportunities
  • Enhancing leadership effectiveness
We stumble over pebbles, not mountains.

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