Valuable Coaching Tips

Personal Executive Coaching

P Personal development is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life.
E Ensure you emphasize honesty and integrity.
R Recognize your talents and keep them at the center of your work.
S Stay focused on your dreams.
O Obtainable goals need to be clear and concise.
N Never rationalize that you are not responsible for outcomes.
A Attitude is everything.
L Live and work from a clear sense of purpose.


E Everyone loves a leader but dislike a boss.
X X-factor is realizing you will never have all the information you need.
E Embrace change as an opportunity for growth.
C Communication skills can make or break your career.
U Undertake what you were hired to do then set out to do it well.
T Trust is the basis for all long-term negotiations.
I Insure your future by planning, adapting and improving.
V Value and respect the input of others.
E Ensure you are not perceived as powerless.


C Cultivate a network that helps both you and your organization.
O Organize for results by organizing your time.
A Attitude is everything, but taking action runs a close second.
C Consider trying to understand rather than seeking to be understood.
H High achievers need to focus on facilitating not controlling others.
I Industry has cycles, not understanding this can be the kiss of death.
N Numbers are what the business is about, all else works to that end.
G Give credit when credit is due.


Human Resource Support

 H Honor and respect others.
 U Understand that worry accomplishes nothing.
 M Manage your own morale and others will follow your example.
 A Assign those tasks which you will likely procrastinate on.
 N Never blame, be a fixer.


 R Run problem solving meetings.
 E Examine the facts before making a decision.
 S Support others the way you would like to be supported.
 O  Observe and listen more, talk less.
 U Understand that everyone wants to be understood.
 R Recognition improves performance.
 C Consider how you want to measure your success.
 E Examine and improve on how you handle the 'surprise attack'.


 S Say what you mean and mean what you say.
 U Understand the 'big picture' from the organizational perspective.
 P Plan some reflection time for yourself.
 P Purposeful living will create enduring satisfaction.
 O Organize your life into manageable components.
 R Resolve to eliminate unhealthy habits.
 T Tradeoffs cost you in time and energy.


Personal Growth Coaching

 P Powerful opportunities exist, be open to them.
 E Eradicate stress by learning relaxation techniques.
 R Resolve to let go of the past by letting go of old beliefs.
 S Simplify your life.
 O Observe and clarify your personal values.
 N Notify others of your boundaries.
 A Address issues that you have been tolerating.
 L Learn to overcome negativity.


 G Gain new skills and insights.
 R Receive ongoing support.
 O  Organize your life the way that fits you best.
 W Watch your self-confidence grow as you face your fears.
 T There is no such thing as mistakes, only lessons to be learned.
 H Help others, there is no better exercise for the heart.


 C Count your blessings not your troubles.
 O Overcome fears that have been holding you down.
 A Aspire to handle problems as they surface.
 C Choose an attitude of gratitude in all that you do.
 H Harness the need to be right.
  Inspire others.
 N Never be afraid to apologize.
 G Good listeners are in short supply, learn to be one.


Mentoring Women On Breaking The Glass Ceiling

 B Bluffing is something men often do when they want to win a point.
 R Recognize that being politically astute will help throughout your career.
 E Ensure your presentation skills exceed those of your peers.
 A Always verify you have the authority before you take on a task.
 K Kick the habit of having to be a perfectionist.
 I Intimidation in the long-run doesn't work, don't go there.
 N Name the problem, don't go on the attack.
 G Get to know the relationship nuances within the organization.


 T Take strategic risks.
 H Handle human resource issues well.
 E Expect to be treated with dignity and respect.


 G Give up unrealistically high expectations of yourself and others.
 L Logically, if you are not supported by your peers you are doomed.
 A Aggressive women earn an undesirable reputation.
 S Sarcasm will boomerang, it alienates others.
 S Smart women master the art of building a team.


 C  CEO’s are the equivalent of the Team’s Coach, cross at your peril.
 E Examine how you can bring in more investment or opportunities.
 I It is imperative that you stay on the good side of your CEO.
 L Learn to read the intent as well as the content.
 I Inside work is required if you expect to walk your talk.
 N Need to have the last word, think again.
  Getting the job done will be counter-productive if that's all you do.

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