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What Exactly Happens in Coaching?

First and foremost coaching is a one-to-one confidential process. It is designed to bring out your best, to enhance your present abilities, sharpen your skills and accelerate your success -- regardless of how you define success.

If you are considering coaching, you may sign up to test drive a 60 minute coaching experience. During this session, we will answer any questions you may have and give you an overview of how the process evolves.

Purposeful dialogue is at the heart of coaching. Goals will be established for every 4 sessions and the client will be supported, encouraged and challenged as they explore new ideas and options. Various assessment tools may be recommended. These assessment give the client a mirror by which they are able to view their own behavior, to become self-aware, identify developmental issues, do problem solving or adjust their perspective according to their needs, capability and motivation.

Ours is a three-dimensional approach. This approach involves:

  • Working to clarify developmental needs and to improve each client's skill base. We work from a strength based developmental process that focuses on enhancing one's natural attributes but also teaches you how to work around your limitations. These limitations are usually areas where you have limited interest;
  • Examining personality traits, preferences, values and goals because we believe inside-out work is necessary to achieve desired results;
  • Looking at work style, attitudes, motivators, communication and leadership styles.

Depending on your style of learning and your personal time commitment we will try to get you finished as quickly as possible.

Working with our clients is like finding the right combination to open a safe. There are hidden treasures found inside.

Where & How Often Do We Meet?

Most people choose to meet by telephone weekly, although face-to-face meetings can be arranged, and it is usual that our time together will last an hour. It could be more or less depending on your time and schedule. A minimum of 12 sessions is customary. We find that clients having achieved their initial goal will often come back again to get back on track or meet another challenge.

What is a Coach?

More common to the general population is the concept of an athletic coach -- the likes of Vince Lombardi come to mind. They are dedicated individuals who through a combination of education and work experience help others develop their potential. Coaches are part mentor, part challenger, part strategist, part tactician, part teacher and part sounding board. While developing your skills your coach will support you and at the same time offer you their insight, a place to safely vent your concerns, give information you may not have, identify options and help you sort through problems. You, in turn, stretch your capabilities by gaining greater confidence, you have more clarity about your situation, you recognize more options, you integrate new skills, and ultimately you experience increased job satisfaction and achieve an improved quality of life.

We recommend taking advantage of the Coaching Session Test Drive. By doing so, you can test-drive the coaching process and get to know your coach at a more intimate level.

Are There Different Types of Coaching?

Yes. Life Coaches are usually sought out to help people make significant transitions in their life -- to move from where they are to where they want to be. Change is not an easy thing to deal with alone and a good coach will be there to listen, challenge and support your decisions.

Executive Coaches are sought out to help individuals significantly reduce their learning curve and fine-tune their leadership skills. Executive Coaching not only delivers results but it helps prevent problems. It integrates knowledge and skills with practical behavioral change over time. Coaching deepens an awareness of an individual's unique strengths as a foundation for improvement but it also gives insights into how some behaviors can be career limiting. Although most executives want to make a difference, these busy and over-extended managers need support to improve their leadership competencies.

Why Organizational Consulting?

We offer organizational consulting to help businesses formally define what is important for them to do in order to achieve their vision of success. We will work with you or your senior management team to put a Marketing Plan, Strategic Plan, Action Plan or Leadership Development Plan in place.

Is Coaching For Me?

It is our belief that everyone can use some assistance to adapt to change, prevent reoccurring problems or to enhance personal performance. Working with a coach will crystallize your situation and keep you on track. Verbalizing concerns about your business or personal life can be a very dynamic and enlightening experience. No other type of training puts the individual's needs and concerns first. Your strengths, doubts, dreams and constraints become part of the solution.

Is Privacy Guaranteed?

Unquestionably -- we recognize that this is the main concern of clients -- to trust that what we discuss is absolutely private. It is one of the reasons clients find it appealing to be dealing with someone over the phone. You receive confidential, third party input. There is no personal agenda, it is all about the client's success.

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