What Is Executive Coaching?

Some organizations and their leaders need to re-invent themselves.
Peter Stephenson, Executive Coaching

Perhaps the great challenge to the executive coach is to engage the client in purposeful dialogue. Rapport is vital and the chemistry between the two must quickly establish trust and credibility.

Good listening skills on the part of the coach, together with the ability to deliver honest feedback, are crucial to keeping the dialogue grounded in what is important to the client. The strategic power of any coaching dialogue lies primarily in the coach's ability to question.

It is wiser to choose what you say than say what you choose.

Company Sponsored Executive Coaching

High-potential individuals and those needing to improve their leadership or management skills are often asked to seek out the services of an Executive Coach. The coach, the client and a company sponsor (usually a senior executive or VP) would initially meet to have an open discussion on the desired outcome for Executive Coaching.

It is recommended that the client initially take two assessments--one of which could be a 360--and perhaps others will be suggested over the course of the contract. Quite a lot of work may have to be undertaken in the collection, validation and analysis of information before real coaching can begin. This is used to identify strengths, management style, personal desires, etc.

The coach and client anticipate meeting, on average, three or more times a month for a period of six months. Sponsor meetings are scheduled after every fourth meeting. At this meeting, the client is expected to bring the sponsor up-to-date on his or her progress. This ensures that coach/client confidentiality agreement is retained but also ensures that the company's goals are monitored.

For the sponsor, a coaching initiative might be viewed as a self-contained project or part of a larger integrated strategy. Whenever coaching succeeds in aligning the needs of the business with the developmental needs of its people, it cannot help but be strategic in nature.

Coaching is conducted on a one-to-one basis, in person, over the telephone or e-mail, or a combination thereof. It is completely CONFIDENTIAL giving the client an opportunity to share personal concerns while gaining an outside perspective.

If you want to get the best out of someone, you must look for the best in them.
Bernard Haldane

Personal Executive Coaching

Numerous motivated individuals seek Executive Coaching in order to enhance their leadership or management skills, expand their advancement opportunities or determine whether they should be moving on.

These sessions can either be purchased as a monthly retainer or for a minimum of four sessions, paid in advance. Assessments will usually be recommended.

Because it is often lonely at the top, many executives feel restrained and isolated and are rightly concerned about sharing their issues in-house for fear they will not remain private. They may be tired of the pressure, the numbers game, the maneuverings or the public relations facade. They may have been subtlety told their management or leadership skills need improving. Or, they are looking to forge new opportunities for themselves. There is no doubt that for these individuals the stakes are high. At the same time, there is an increasing need stop thinking about their concerns and start doing something.

Executive Coaching offers an opportunity to explore your options, test out ideas, gain clarity, renew your passions, utilize your strengths and enhance your skills and ultimately increase your income. You become refreshed and are seen as more effective.

Forward-looking organizations and individuals are using executive coaches for one reason, it works!


In years past successful individuals surrounded themselves with people who could help them achieve their goals. Mentors, teachers, parents and counselors have historically been instructing us in the art of living and working.

Today, coaches are most recognizable in the area of fitness and sports as well as in the arts, helping amateurs become peak performers. However, it is a relatively recent development to find coaches in the business arena. Executive Coaches are helping people fine-tune their skills, both personally and professionally.

Self-help has also been described as "old technology" because of the time and effort it takes to research and integrate techniques on one's own. Today, motivated individuals recognize that it makes more sense to tap into experience when you need it! Why struggle seeking answers on your own through trial and error when help is at your fingertips? A Coach will give you the support you need to develop your talents and Accelerate Your Success.

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